*Terms of Service and Usage for Nahaj Application:*

1. *Browsing and Registration:*
– Browsing and registering in the Nahaj application implies agreement to all terms of service.
– Users must be at least 18 years old or have parental or legal guardian consent.

2. *Personal Data:*
– The application will collect and use users’ personal data as per the applicable privacy policy.

3. *Permitted Usage:*
– Users must use the application for lawful purposes only and refrain from engaging in unlawful activities.

4. *Content:*
– Posting or sharing any content that violates intellectual property rights or is inappropriate or offensive is prohibited.

5. *Social Interaction:*
– Users must interact respectfully with others and refrain from harmful behaviors or incitement to violence.

6. *Payment and Subscriptions:*
– Subscribers to paid services are obligated to adhere to pricing and payment terms according to the pricing policy.

7. *Termination of Service:*
– The application reserves the right to terminate a user’s account in case of any violation of the terms of service.

8. *Changes to the Terms:*
– The application may periodically modify the terms of service, and users are required to review them regularly.

9. *Support and Contact:*
– Users should contact the customer support team to report issues or seek assistance.

10. *Legal Compliance:*
– Users must comply with applicable laws and regulations while using the application.