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The effect of technology on teaching and learning

Technology is a powerful tool that has changed how teachers teach and how students learn. It has given people access to education and to different ways of communication to work together, so the Tebyeen Foundation took it upon itself to provide an application that keeps pace with developments in this important field and in a way that serves our society.

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It's important now, but is it the future?

Distance learning...a new situation

Distance learning is critical to education now, and will be crucial in the future as schools determine the best ways forward. Schools can adopt or offer a combination of distance and face-to-face learning.

What's next in digital learning?

A global marketplace for practical courses and credit hours.
Online classes mean making digital learning accessible to everyone.
Improving the quality of blended learning
Increased demand for skills-based programmes.
Increase investment in interactive technology with the aim of solving the digital divide


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We need technology in every classroom, In the hands of every student and teacher, Because it is considered paper and pen in this era, It is the lens through which we experience the world.

David Warlick

Benefits for professors

How technology helps teachers do their work
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Benefits for students

How technology helps students learn
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As of January 2021

Why apply nahaj ?

Educational lectures are currently held online in 95% of schools in the world, so there was an actual need in Iraq to develop the digital education experience and reach it to the refineries of countries that have succeeded in this field.

What distinguishes the application of Nahaj?

What are the advantages of applying Nahj over other educational platforms?
“Nahaj” Social Media Platform
In addition to the fact that the application of 'Nahaj' is primarily an educational application, but it has features that make it a platform and a social networking application as well
How to 'nahaj' a social media app?
It can apply “nahaj” of providing the necessary tools and requirements to be a platform for communication and social cohesion between the various groups of society and its different classes, since the purpose for which the approach was created reaches high goals
Can the application of 'nahaj' be an application of social communication ?
The application of 'Nahaj' is like the rest of the social networking applications, as it provides communication requirements and the mechanism of receipt and delivery of various data and very smoothly thanks to the programming with which this application is prepared to be suitable for all users
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Traditional teaching and learning
Physical learning tools such as paper, pens, and blackboard Limited access to educational materials and information The teaching and learning process occurs in a physical classroom space
Teaching and learning using technology
Greater access to information and educational materials More available channels and tools for communication and collaboration Allows for a more personalized student learning experience
Ease of creating a user account in the Nahj application

How we use the “Nahaj” app

You do not need to register an account and login to use the application Except to your Gmail account And register your name and the username that will be known to you among the users of the application

Explanation exam
Explanation exam
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Download the application